How to work with us:

Sell us notes.

We’re looking for notes secured by real estate in the US. Primarily residential seconds, but also will consider firsts. We primarily look for notes on residential homes, condos and 2-4 unit buildings. But also looking for notes on commercial properties, especially apartment buildings and mobile home parks. Especially looking for notes on properties in Oregon and Washington. Send tape to info(at)notedfinancial(dot)com. Or use the form at

Intern with us.

We do not charge for instruction. If you are hungry enough to learn to provide your labor and effort for free, we could build a long-term business relationship. To be clear, this relationship is very unlikely ever to be employment. Rather, we can share skills to advance your own investing and do deals together. Please complete this note intern application to start. If you would like to learn subject-to real estate investing enough to call strangers and knock on their doors in Oregon or Washington, here’s the subject-to internship application.

Partner with us. 

For people we trust, if you can find incredible deals that you can handle knowledgeably and do all the work, but lack the funds, contact us to discuss partnering where we provide funds and divide the profits. You must deliver these wrapped in a bow with a clear plan and skills to do all the work.

Sell us properties subject-to existing mortgages.

Selling a property subject-to an existing loan is described well in Matthew Chan’s TurnKey Investor’s Subject-To Mortgage Handbook, and Wendy Patton’s Investing in Real Estate With Lease Options and Subject-To Deals. You can sell a property with the existing mortgage in place. Contact us with the address of the property, and the balance, current status, and monthly payment amount of the loan.