The best investment you can make is in education. Here are some good places to start:

Attend The Paper Source Note Symposium Online! Oct 1-3, 2020

Sándor Lau of Noted Financial speaks at the Paper Source Note Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 2018. This talk, Intoxicating Assets, How to Be the Bank, Invest in Real Estate without Tenants, and Why Seconds Come First gives specific case studies of mortgages from Sándor’s portfolio of second notes. Including how to deal with bankruptcy, delinquent first mortgages and commercial second mortgage investing.

Intoxicating Assets, 2017. Sándor talks about his keys to investing in non-performing second mortgage notes in the US. Investing in non-performing second real estate loans allows investors to create win-win solutions where the homeowner can keep their home, and the investor can earn extraordinary returns, doing well by doing good. Live at the Paper Source Note Symposium, Las Vegas.

In this Note MBA podcast with Chase Thompson, Sándor discusses why he invests in 2nds for asymmetric risk. You will learn that 2nds provide an amazing opportunity to apply leverage when purchasing deals and much more! Listen to the audio.

Think of Sunday Assembly as church without the supernatural and a TED Talk instead of a sermon. In his Sunday Assembly Portland presentation, Sándor talks about why the purpose of money is not to have to worry about money and focus on how you can best benefit the world. And how to find your ikigai, the confluence of your passion and skills, and the needs of others.

Interviewed by Paper Source publisher Bill Mencarow at his first ever Paper Source conference, Sándor sets his goals for success.

Sándor’s mentor Gordon Moss, author of Performance Anxiety, talks junior lien investing at the Paper Source Note Symposium 2014, Las Vegas.

Recommended Reading:

Reading (or listening to audiobooks) is one of the cheapest investments in yourself and your education. I maintain Amazon reading lists on note investing, real estate investing, and personal growth and relationships. For when you finish the reading list below.